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We specialize in different types of license applications and approvals. We are confident to obtain Manufacturing Warehouse License(LWM) within a month once all other papers and documents are well prepared. Besides that, we help the organisations to achieve their business imperatives by preparation of project proposal and application of work permit for foreign professional. Below are some completed projects.

  • Local Authority Licenses for Titi Latex S/B, TSL Feedmill S/B, Walsin Technology Electronics (M) S/B (WTEM)
  • Manufacturing Warehouse License for WTEM
  • Money Lender License for several company
  • Expedited Licenses for Sun Rubber S/B, Sun Tyre S/B
  • Land Conversion for Koo Hock Chum Holding S/B, Titi Latex S/B
  • Project Proposal for TSL Feedmill S/B

Oil & Gas Project Management

We provide assistance in project management to the clients and develop necessary strategies to facilitate project objectives. Below are some of our completed project.

  • Multi-Product Pipeline Reroute near Putrajaya. The total cost of the project was RM10 million.
  • Regulatory Requirements for Major SHELL Gas Project.


We provide document translation services to corporations in the English, Chinese and Malay. Below are some completed translation results from our professionals.

  • Shanghai Waste Water Treatment Plant Tender Document Translation
  • Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park Waste Water Treatment Plant Project Translation